Services and Packages

Complimentary Nutrition Consultation
We will spend about 30 minutes learning about the services provided in nutrition counseling, you as an individual and as well as your nutrition goals and expectations. We will also get a sense of how it would be to work together. This can be done in-person, virtual (i.e. Skype, FaceTime) or on the phone.

Initial Individual Nutrition Session - $75.00 for 1 hour (In person, Virtual, or Phone)
During this time, we will go over your Health History Form, a copy of your labs from your doctor (if available) and Circle of Life exercise (these will be provided prior to consultation). You will discover which primary foods you are missing the most and have a clear visual of any imbalances in primary food. This will be a starting point for where you may wish to spend more time and energy to create balance and joy in your life. We will then work together to come up with an bio-individual nutrition plan that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Tailored exercise plans can also be discussed and provided. Most individuals will need about 6 months to get their health and lifestyle in balance.

Follow Up Nutrition Sessions - $75.00 for 1 hour or $150/month (Two 1-hour sessions a month)
We will go over your food diary (provided prior to session), evaluate your previous goals and discuss any barriers. You will learn about mindful eating and how to incorporate mindful eating techniques in your daily regimen. Your primary foods will be reviewed and we will discuss any imbalances that may still occur. Exercises, methods and/or resources will be provided to help you create balance within your primary foods. Future Follow Up Sessions will vary per client’s health status and goals.

6 Month Reset Mom Bod Individual Program - $900 ($150/monthly installments) or $800 (pay in full and get $100 discount)
This program is for moms who are 100% committed to making a health change. On average, it takes about 6 months to form a new habit and can be the most challenging. I help and guide clients through these 6 months. Either two one-hour or four 30-minute or however it fits client’s schedule (In Person, Virtual, or Phone) appointments each month for six months (12 sessions total), which will include discussion of the client’s progress and recommendations and follow up email on important notes. Education material, meal plans and recipes will also be provided per clients needs and goals. It is recommended to have your labs done prior to initial assessment and to reassess after 6 months of nutrition counseling. Topics that will be discussed throughout our sessions include primary foods (Spirituality, Career, Physical Activity, and Relationships), mindful eating, portion sizes, food prep and time-management, healthy and easy meals and snacks (mom approved), grocery shopping and label reading, organic verse non-organic foods, food cravings (i.e. sugar), glycemic index, fatigue, dietary myths, dining out suggestions, and tailored exercise regimens. Email support in between sessions for food diary follow-ups, questions and concerns, and motivation and continuous support throughout our journey together.

Daily Meal Review - $70.00 a week ($10.00/day)
Lets connect everyday by sending me pictures of your daily meals and snacks through text or email. I will provide specific feedback about what can be improved such as your portions, choices of foods, healthier food swaps, timing of eating, combination of macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats), serving plates and daily encouragement to make and/or choose wholesome healthy meals during your hectic day as a Mom.

DUTCH Hormone Test
Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. Do you wonder if some of your health issues may be related to hormone imbalance? This is a one day collection that is very simple to do. This test will provide an analysis of 35 different hormones: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA-S, and cortisol along with their metabolites. It will test neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) including glutathione, dopamine, norepinephrine/epinephrine, and serotonin. Did you know these neurotransmitters are made in your gut and an imbalance may be linked to your cravings and mood?! As a provider, you will receive a special discount, please Contact Me. Visit DUTCH Test for educational videos and further information.

15 Minute Virtual or Phone Session with Food Log Review - $40.00
This is a great option for those individuals who may need that reassurance that the food choices and composition of their meals are balanced and supporting their health goals. A tweak or modification to your daily food intake can drastically improve your health and keep you on the right track to reaching those health goals.

Personal Workout Program - $50.00
Are you struggling with HOW to workout? Are you tired of working out and seeing no results? Programming your workouts adequately is key for positive results and body transformation. Lets discuss what goals you have in mind and I will provide a personal workout regimen that will lead to success! If your motivated to workout but have no idea HOW to do it efficiently then there is NO need to pay > $100 for a personal trainer at the gym. As a certified personal trainer and dietitian, I can design a program that will lead you to results and be budget friendly. Remember, I am a mom too and I understand finances can be a burden.

Pantry and Refrigerator Makeover - $60.00
Let me stop by and go through your kitchen and help you identify which foods need to be thrown out and alternatives that are Dietitian and Mom Approved. I will teach you how food labels can mislead you, toxic ingredients to steer away from, specific organic foods to always buy, frozen verse fresh foods, and the best places to shop for particular foods that are cost affective. A list of important notes will be provided to you after our meeting.

Grocery List Guide - $30.00
Food shopping with young kids can be stressful and influence you to buy not so healthy options so you can hurry up and get home. How can you tame your kids, read ingredients and try to understand what is actually healthy, compare prices, steer your shopping cart without hitting someone, and still remain ZEN. Let me help you relieve some of that stress and provide a list foods and where to buy them from based on your families needs and likes. This is a great option to choose after having a pantry and Fridge Makeover. Now that I personally have seen your food choices, I can provide a list of healthier alternatives and also new foods that I have discovered to be a win win for families.

Pantry/Fridge Makeover + Grocery List Guide - $80.00 ($10.00 discount)
This is a great combo service. Next time you step into the supermarket, you are going to feel so empowered. You will now have a better understanding on food labels, ingredients and healthier options. Don’t let the food marketing fool you on what is “healthy”!

Grocery Store Tours - $60.00 for 45 minutes ($10.00 for each additional person)
Either alone, with family or with a small group of friends, we’ll walk the supermarket aisles to learn how to understand food labeling, ingredients and nutrition facts, nourishing food options in each section, convenience foods to have on hand, meal planning tips, and how to stretch your food dollar.

Gift Certificate
This is a wonderful gift to give to a mother that you believe would benefit from my services. Let that special mom know that her health and happiness should not be overlooked. A mother is a role model to her family and needs to set a good example in how she treats and nourishes her body.

If the packages and services I have provided are not exactly what you are looking for, then please contact me and we can individualized a plan to meet your needs and reach your health goals.

Cash, Check or PayPal are accepted forms for payment.

Prior to our FIRST Nutrition Counseling Session, please fill out the the following forms Informed Consent, Women’s Health History and Diet Recall. I strongly encourage you to provide a copy of your most recent labs. Forms and labs can be given in person or sent via email.