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Intuitive Eating

When working with clients, it is important to address both Mindfulness and Intuitive Eating. They work as a team! For awhile, I always thought they were the same but they are indeed different. Mindful eating is the practice of paying attention and being aware with no judgement. Intuitive eating is being in tuned with your...


Probiotics and Immune System

What are Probiotics? They are the GOOD bacteria that live in your GUT. They help the following… Reduce the growth of bad bacteria and restore and maintain a healthy environment for your digestive system. Digest your foods, process your waste and nourish your colon. Promote regular bowel movements. Make your Immune System stronger and prevent...


Wonder Woman – I am featured on Channel 3 AZ Family News

I was honored to be featured on Channel 3 AZ Family with top notch fitness trainer, Ashley Marissa at Life Time Athletic – North Scottsdale. The segment was on the new movie Wonder Woman and how she transformed her body to be physically fit to play this role. TRX exercises are a great way to...